My Favorite Band’s

Hey guys on a request from bayleighmtpleasant im going to write a post on my favorite band’s so lets get started

I’ve always liked rock and even country some of my favorite band’s are Linkin Park, bullet for my valentine, nickle back, and fort minor. when i was little i used to listen to green day and ACDC all day long but then some of my friends showed me other bands like linkin park and nickle back then i was hooked. country, i love country because the songs always have a meaning and there never screamo some of my favorite country singers are Taylor swift and lady antabelum. i hope u enjoyed reading my post please comment thanks


Hey guys

hey guys sorry i havent been posting as much its just that ive been really busy with school and work at home im hoping to have a post up soon of my new dirt track were biulding and maby one of swiming and if you have any other ideas on a post i could do please comment i would be happy to post it thanks guys

           o and please comment and tell your friends about my blog im trying to get 500 visits and 50 comments by the end of the year thanks  ~Jake~

Student council

vote jake                          I’m running for student council and I’m the best person for the job because I will pay attention to every one’s needs and try my best to make them happen

                Hey guys Jake and you’re probably thinking “you won’t do what we want you’re just saying you will” but that’s where you’re wrong. I plan on targeting every ones need’s like do a fundraiser for the school to raise money for new sports equipment like new high jump poles and a new bar. I didn’t forget about those people that don’t like sports and like reading or math I will get new books for the library. Now some of you may be wondering how all this is possible and were will I get all the money from well I’m going to use the power of fundraising. I don’t mean the fundraising like selling chocolate bars and poinsettias I mean spell-a-thons and math-o-thons so all the money will go directly to the school and no splitting the money.

                Now you know that I would be the best for the job so vote Jake S for student council                                                                          ~Jake~

My Boxing Adventure

               Hey guys Jake here and im going to talk about my boxing adventure. Last night my friend Nikita invited me to her boxing for a work out. When I got there she handed me some boxing wraps and told me to put them on and I was like “what am I getting my self into”. Then she told me it was just for punching the bag. We started with some laps and random warp up’s like push-ups and crunches. Next we skipped and shadow boxed, I failed at skipping but I did pretty good with the shadow boxing. After that we did stations and my favorite one was the heavy bag, we had to punch the bag for 15 seconds then when the buzzer went off u had to run around the ring and back to your bag in 15 seconds. And after the stations were done we were done.Thanks for reading and please comment.                                    


My Big Accomplishment

                           Hey guys Jake here and this is my Meme post for the Student Blogging Challenge. A meme post is when you write a post on what your most proud of in your whole life then tag people from all around the world to come and participate on your blog.

              Now the thing that makes me glow with pride is making the basketball team two years in a row. Some of you may think that’s not that great but for me it’s a big accomplishment. When I was little I couldn’t care less for sports getting older I started playing soccer and I was alright at it but then I started basketball and I loved it since the first basket but I wasn’t really good at all I remember just fooling around and not being serious about the game. The next season I was a lot more into the game and I pushed my self every practice, After that I quit im not quite sure why but I did. Then two years ago I started house league it wasn’t really my first choice but it really helped me improve my skills and plus I got to meet Q-Mack and he showed me that if you practice and practice your dreams can come true and that year I made the basketball team for the first time. Last year I made the team even tho I didn’t do any out side of school basketball.

                So now you know what my biggest accomplishment is and I’d like to see what you think of it so please leave comment.                                                                           Thanks ~Jake~

Here is a list of people im tagging                                                                                                     

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My Dirt Track

Hey guys Jake here and this post is about my DIRT TRACK!!!! last summer me and my friends got sick of the mount pleasant skate park so we made a small dirt jump on our old quad trail. the jump turend out good but we got board of that preatty quick so we got my dad to make a table top out of dirt and we rode on that for a while. me and my friends got this crazy idea of biulding a full out dirt track so we did. The track took all sumer to make and it is STILL not done but it is close we just have to fix up some bug’s. anyways here is a pictures of the track.


 my dirt track




I hope you liked the post please comment thanks   ~JAKE~

Check it out

hey guys as you can see ive added a new catagory for blogs i recomend my veiwers to visit i picked these blogs because they caught my attention and had some cool things like voki’s and interesting posts and stuff like that so please chack them out and mayby leave a comment and tell them what you liked thanks.

Lights Out Let’s Scream And Shout


Hey guys I’m going to talk about EARTH HOUR, earth hour is when you turn your lights out for one hour to help reduce global warming. This year’s earth day is on Saturday, march 26 at 8:30 (local time). Earth hour started in Sydney Australia 2007 when 2.2 million people and 2000 business turned off their lights to help fight global warming so now every year in March more and more people participate earth hour so let’s work together and make this the biggest earth hour yet!

Here is a link to earth hour’s official site founded by the WWF wild life foundation


Hey guys Jake here and im going to talk to you about COMPASSION. for the people that do not know compassion is when someone cares about another persons suffering a good example would be this news story that i came across it is about a group haitians in haiti three days after the monster quake there were still looking for survivors when they found a six year old boy still alive and well now that is crazy and also a great example of compassion so the next time you see someone suffering dont just be the person who sit’s and watches go and help them out beacause you never know when your going to need help

here is the link to the news story

Blog It Up

the student blogging challenge 2011
the student blogging challenge 2011

The student blogging challenge. Now you’re probably wondering what that is, well it is a verity of challenges that have to do with improving your blog and learning new things about it. We are currently signing up for the 2011 student blogging challenge which starts in March. Each month there is a new blogging challenge that we work on during our blog it literacy center. If you think the blogging challenge is just for Canada your wrong, the student blogging challenge is for all students across the globe. So as you can see the student blogging challenge is a good thing for students if they want to improve their blog and if you are a teacher reading this you may want to enrolee your class in the 2011 student blogging challenge. Well that it for now hope you enjoyed reading and please comment.